Thursday, August 31, 2006

No turning back now...

not that I ever could. We had our 35 week appointment today, and everything went well. I only gained one pound since last visit, which is good, so that puts me right about 24 pounds gained total. Not too bad I guess. He also said that if I went into labor at this point, they wouldn't try to stop it! I wasn't really expecting that conversation for a couple more weeks, but now it's out there. He wasn't going to schedule my next appointment until two weeks, but then noticed that my blood pressure was a bit higher than normal, so he went ahead and just scheduled it for next week. Apparently it wasn't too high, as he didn't seem worried, but he said we'll just keep an eye on things from here on out.

I haven't posted any belly pictures on here yet, so I thought I'd go ahead and do that. My grandma has been wanting to see them, so here goes:

19 weeks

21 weeks 1 day

24 weeks 5 days
26 weeks 1 day
28 weeks 1 day
32 weeks 6 days
35 weeks 1 day
Kinda out there, huh? It's so amazing to me that there is an actual human person growing inside my body. Everytime I see a baby now, I think about how there's one of those inside me. Bizzare!

1 comment:

Kimberly said...

OH MISTI! How exciting! Not too long now! I love the photos showing your pregnancy. How totally cool is that?! Thinking about you and you are on my prayers as the time dwindles down.

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