Saturday, August 26, 2006

A quick one

I just have a couple of minutes to post, I'm on my way out to meet the girls to crop at Archivers. It's been a pretty productive day I suppose. I was going to crop earlier today, but I was a little late in getting started, so it got full before I could leave. No biggie, I have plenty to do around here. I worked on the birth announcement list, there are still several addresses that I need, but I'm getting there. I also got together as many phone numbers as I have for the "call list". I got the cabinets rearranged for the bottles, bowls, etc. The next most important thing, that I'll probably start working on tomorrow, is the hospital bag. I'll feel so much better once that's packed, then if this little one decides to show up early, we'll have that ready.

Thursday was our last childbirth preparation class. We "practiced" pushing, talked about what they'll do to the baby once he/she's born, how our bodies will feel and also a little about newborn care. Chris & I opted to not take the Newborn Care classes the hospital offers, I hope we won't regret it. We've been around little ones a lot, so I think we'll be okay, but it's the fear of the unknown.

Well, that's enough for now. Send some "be productive" vibes my way tonight, so I don't just sit there & stare at the wall. TA TA~

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