Thursday, November 08, 2007


just under the wire. This is what happens when Jonathan doesn't go to bed until 11:45. Yes, I know that's entirely too late for a nearly 13 month old (just for you Haley) to go to bed. We're back to sleeping through the night though so I'll pick my battles for now. I do have plans to try easing him down to a more reasonable bedtime. I don't even know how to begin the process, but I need to begin figuring it out, and quick.

I wish I had taken a picture of our bedroom earlier today. Messy though it was. The furniture has all been moved out and the trim has been taped. All in preparation for painting tomorrow night. Chris came home from work & pretty much worked in there until he went to bed. He did stop for dinner though, so that's good. I had taken down all of the pictures, so he just had to take down the window treatments & move the furniture. My job was to stay in the living room with Jonathan and keep him out of the way. That will probably be my job tomorrow evening too.

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving potluck playgroup got cancelled. ;o( Now I have three loaves of cornbread that I'm not sure what to do with. I made them yesterday evening so I would be able to just put the dressing together today; it takes 3 hours to cook. I guess we'll just be having cornbread with dinner for a few days.

Well, off to bed.

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Deb "DJ" said...

Well, I started a blog to keep you all posted as to what we are doing. Any pointers?

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