Saturday, November 10, 2007

a whole new room

If you had any idea what our bedroom looked like just a few short days ago, you wouldn't even recognize it now. It looks so good with the new paint & furniture. I wasn't able to get a picture today as we had company all day. Maybe tomorrow.

The time frame for our furniture delivery was 8a-12p, but they showed up at 7:30a! Have you ever heard of the delivery people being early? I sure haven't. Thankfully I had just gotten up from our *camping expedition* in the living room. I was waiting to get into the restroom & thought I heard a truck outside. Lo & behold, there they were. I went running to get Chris because I wasn't really presentable. It only took them about an hour to bring everything in and get it all set up.

Chris & Kevin went golfing this morning. Michael was supposed to join them too, but poor miss Elizabeth (or LizzieBeth as I like to call her) has been sick the last few days & they had to take her back to the doctor. Pam & the kids were here and she also had Victoria and Regan with her. It was a pretty busy day to say the least. I think Jonathan really enjoyed having some playmates though. Unfortunately he doesn't sleep very well in his crib when there's company over, so he didn't really nap very well. He was a very tired boy when it was time for bed.

Speaking of tired, that's me. I'm going to get to bed so we can get up for church in the morning.


Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the new boudoir!

Zoe said...

Glad to hear the room is all put togethor!

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