Monday, November 19, 2007

sickly household

So, not only did Chris and I have some sort of stomach bug last week, we've both managed to get some sort of cold now too. I'm all congested & sneezy and Chris' throat hurts and he can barely talk. Thankfully Jonathan seems to be spared of most of this, he does have a bit of a runny nose, but nothing too major. Hopefully we'll get to feeling better soon.

Last night's Thanksgiving dinner and choir concert was great. There were so many people there that we haven't seen in ages. I felt so old seeing all of the kids all *grown up*. I feel like I'm still the same age as I've always been, but when you see how they've changed it just gets thrown in your face how much time has gone by. Sitting there listening to the choir was like being in a time warp; it was like we went back 10+ years. I loved it. The two churches that got together for the event used to be one church, the one that I went to in high school & beyond, until Chris and I got together. The church split a week after our wedding and there were a lot of hurt feelings and the like. It seemed like last night a lot of that was finally put to rest and some healing took place. It was very emotional for a lot of people. I'm so glad that they came together like that.

Jonathan of course was a huge hit. He's such a ham when there are people to pay attention to him so he was living it up. He loved the choir concert. He's always liked music so this was right up his alley. In between songs he'd clap & say "yay" (a little too loudly for my taste, but everyone thought it was cute) and a couple of times he'd sign & say "more". He was too cute.

I'd better get to bed; I need to try and actually do something tomorrow rather than just sit around.

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Zoe said...

the creeping crud is being passed around here too. soooo much fun!

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