Thursday, November 01, 2007


Apparently November is National Blog Posting Month a.k.a. NaBloPoMo. Several people whose blogs I read (Nicole, Denise, Julia) are participating; so I thought I would too. Basically it's just a challenge to post something, anything, every day in November. I probably won't have anything too exciting to say most days, but I'll give it a whirl.

Today Jonathan and I went to a playgroup at the Mall of Georgia. This is the second one we've been to for Atlanta Area Mommies; a local message board that I'm a member of. There have been too many weeks where we haven't gotten out of the house; and that's not good for either of us. So, I stepped outside my comfort zone & went to a playgroup a couple of weeks ago. I'm not an outgoing person, especially around people I don't know, so it was really hard for me to take that first step. But I'm really glad I did. All of the ladies that I've met so far have been really nice, and Jonathan has a good time playing with the kids. I'm hoping that I can get more involved. They're having a Thanksgiving potluck next week and I'm planning to go to that. I know the more I go the more comfortable I'll feel.

Well, I have a horrible headache that nothing's helping, so I think I'll head to bed. Until tomorrow...

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